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Luxury wall paintings made by the best Asian artists to your doorstep

Back in the years, Asian art was known for its exclusive style and high quality wall paintings. As and how, time passed and modernity influenced our lives, the connection with our authenticity weakened. In an effort to revive this tradition with the Asian culture, we, at Royal Thai Art made it a point to bring the best of the tradition wall painting artwork to the surface again. In association with different Asian artists and craftsmen, we unveil a wide array of authentic wall paintings on sale before you. Our aim is not just to bring you back to the culture, but we also aim at reviving the interest in the art of home decoration.


What’s Special about those Asian Paintings?

We make it a point to design and craft each painting with immense passion and dedication.

Our paintings:

  • Reflect the zest of the Ayutthaya Kingdom which existed from 1350 until 1767
  • Showcase some elements of Chinese culture
  • Are made from natural material and are finished with gold leaf sheets


You can shop for beautiful wall paintings from different categories available here at our online store: Buddha, Bodhi Tree, Classic Elements, Koi Fish, Pla Samut and more.

Shop now, revive the ambience of your home, and enjoy free shipping in Thailand!

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More than a piece of art. It’s Thai Heritage

The highlight of the paintings is each of our work is covered and finished with gold leaf sheets. This unique technique of art is originated since Ayutthaya period and infused with the Chinese culture. Thai Ayutthaya art refers to the art and style of the Ayutthaya Kingdom which existed from 1350 until 1767. After the decline of the Sukhothai Empire, the kings of Ayutthaya established their new rule over large parts of Thailand and Indochina from the beginning of the 14th century. Artworks were created in bronze, wood carving, stucco and sandstone.

For many Thais this is the “Golden Era” of Thailand, which ended in 1767 with the destruction of the capital Ayutthaya by the Burmese. These historical bounds of rich Thai culture together with ancient technique of creating makes our majestic works of art a cultural heritage of Thailand. Every painting is handmade from the first step to the end result and originated by our talented artists.

Quality Materials

Our exquisite paintings are made of Natural Lacquer or the latex from Lacquer Trees. These Lacquer trees are mainly found in the natural forests in the North and Northeast areas of Thailand. The high quality lacquer that used to create our meticulous art works plays a major role of protecting the artworks from being ruined by water and maintaining the long-lasting durability of the works. The painter uses hot lacquer to draw the outline of a picture and the colors are applied one by one, layer upon layer. Lacquer  mixed with various natural or artificial dyes to produce the colors the artists want. Materials used to create our paintings include Natural Acrylic paint, gold leaf, Long durable Canvas, Solid pine wood frame.

The canvas are meticulously stretched and neatly wrapped on a solid pine wood frame, which have been cleaned and boiled in a high temperature to prevent bacterial contamination. It is covered with a piece of cloth glued to it using the sap of the lacquer tree and then coated with a layer of the sap mixed with earth.
Over the centuries, Thai master craftsmen and artists have mastered techniques using lacquer for purpose of decoration and preservation. Lacquer paintings now can compete successfully with silk and oil paintings and have the unique character of this style of painting.


Customize For Your Need

Size of the paintings that are available in our shop mostly 100×100 cm, 105×100 cm and 120×100 cm. However, size and design can be customized according to your preferences.  Just write us an email and let us know your preferable size or a particular request. We will do everything we can to meet your requests.


Ethically Made

Our goal is not only to promote Thai Art worldwide but try to support local Thai artists who create our artworks in a tough economic time. We are very proud to represent the traditional Thai culture, and create an opportunity for them to earn a living wage and enhance a decent lifestyle for their families.

Royal Thai Art Handmade Art Thai Paintings paintings online Asian Art Wall Paintings Asian Paintings
Handmade Art Thai Paintings paintings online Asian Art Wall Paintings Asian Paintings

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