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Delivering the Best of Thai Heritage at Your Doorstep – Royal Thai Art


Back in the years, Thailand was known for its exquisite art and distinctive culture. As and how, time passed and modernity influenced our lives, the connection with our authenticity weakened. In an effort to revive this connection with the Thai culture, we, at Royal Thai Art made it a point to bring the best of the tradition Thai artwork to the surface again. In association with local Thai artists and craftsmen, we unveil a wide array of authentic Thai paintings on sale before you. Our aim is not just to bring you back to the culture, but we also aim at reviving the interest in the art and providing livelihood to the local artists simultaneously.


What’s Special about Our Paintings?

We make it a point to design and craft each painting with immense passion and dedication.

Our paintings:

  • Reflect the zest of the Ayutthaya Kingdom which existed from 1350 until 1767
  • Showcase some elements of Chinese culture
  • Are made from natural material and are finished with 100% natural gold leaf


You can shop for beautiful paintings from different categories available here at our online store: Buddha, Bodhi Tree, Classic Elements, Koi Fish, Pla Samut and more.

Shop now, revive the ambience of your home, and enjoy free shipping in Thailand!

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