Original Thai Art & Asian paintings
hand painted by the best Thai artists

Thailand is a well-known country of the Best Craftsmanship and Skilled Artisans. As the time passed and modernity influenced our lives, the traditional values and indigenous cultural identity have weakened. Royal Thai Art aims to bring the best Thai Art and Asian paintings to the surface again.

We have become the best place to buy Thai paintings for sale online in Thailand. The establishment of our online gallery is to make high-quality affordable original art, yet our unique piece filled with distinctive style and exquisite details.

Our mission is to preserve Thai cultural heritage, and protect Thai art wisdom and local knowledge to future generations. Hand-painted Asian art for sale from Royal Thai Art online shop is the perfect oriental decor items for your wall. We ship paintings with FREE Fast delivery within the country and export worldwide to international clients.

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What is Unique about our Asian Paintings and Thai Art ?

We work toward to design and craft each canvas art with immense passion and dedication. Our professional Thai artists create art collections of one-of-a-kind masterpieces that are 100% hand-painted. Each Thai Art works and Asian paintings is enriched with traditional values and represents the spirit of Thainess.

Also, we offer a personalized canvas art with individual’s special requirement; which allow you to reflect your personal taste and create eye-catching walls for your home. Our objective is to transform client’s dream ideas into a reality vision, and able to make luxurious design artworks at affordable price. We pay great attention in details on each work, in order to establish elegant and aesthetic original art for you.

Our Asian paintings & Thai Art

  • Reflect a unique Thai art style from the Ayutthaya period which existed from 1350 until 1767.
  • Combine traditional Thai elements, and Oriental touch from Japanese and Chinese cultures.
  • Made from natural materials and Thai gold leaf sheets.

You can browse for beautiful Asian paintings online from different categories at our Thai Art gallery. Available from Elephant artwork, Lotus painting, Koi fish art, Dragon artwork, Buddha painting, Famous abstract art, Bodhi tree painting, and more.

Gather inspiration for your oriental style home with our unique Thai art and Asian paintings collections.

Buy Thai paintings online now! To revive the ambiance of your home, and enjoy FREE FAST shipping in Thailand!

Best Thai Paintings For Sale

More than a piece of art, It’s Thai Heritage.

The highlight of our Thai art paintings is each of our works is covered and finished with gold leaf sheets. This unique art technique is originated since Ayutthaya period and influenced by Chinese culture. Ayutthaya Thai art refers to the artistic style from the Ayutthaya Kingdom, which flourished from 1350 to 1767.

After the decline of the Sukhothai Empire, the kings of Ayutthaya established a new rule over large parts of Thailand and Indochina from the beginning of the 14th century. As a result, Thai Art were popularly created in bronze, wood carving, stucco and sandstone.

The “Golden Era” of Thailand was ended in 1767 with the destruction of the capital Ayutthaya by the Burmese. Because of the unique Thai style and artistic traditions make our paintings the symbol of Cultural Thai Heritage. Every Thai art for sale is handmade from scratch by the best emerging and established Asian artists.

Quality Materials

Our traditional Thai paintings for sale are made with Natural Lacquer or the latex from Lacquer Trees. These Lacquer trees are mainly found in the natural forests in the North and Northeast areas of Thailand. The quality lacquer will be applied on canvas to protect the artworks from being ruined by water and maintaining the long-lasting durability of the works.

The artist uses warm lacquer to draw the outline of the artwork. Then, colors are applied one by one, layer upon layer on canvas. Every traditional Thai art is made with Natural lacquer, Acrylic paint, Thai Gold leaf, and Quality durable Canvas.

Over the centuries, Thai craftsmen and artists have mastered the ancient art technique, using lacquer for the purpose of decoration and preservation.

Customize Your Artwork

Size of in stock Thai paintings for sale available in the gallery are mostly 100×100 cm., 105×100 cm. and 120×100 cm. However, any size and design can be customized according to your preferences. Just write us an email and let us know your specific size or a particular request. We will do everything we can to meet your need.

Ethically Made

Our goal is to promote Thai Art and Asian paintings worldwide. At the same time, Royal Thai Art can support local Thai artists, some of whom are from the poor regions; so, they can be able to gain financial independent in a tough economic time. We are very proud to represent the traditional Thai culture, and create an opportunity for talented local artists to earn a living wage and enhance a decent lifestyle for their families. Buying our hand painted Thai paintings for sale, you will also help building the Thai art community.

Royal Thai Art Handmade Art Thai Paintings paintings online Asian Art Wall Paintings Asian Paintings

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Buy Wholesale Paintings with US

Royal Thai Art employs only the best professional painters with academic background and artists who have acquired a good deal of skillful work experience. Therefore, we are able to produce a large quantity of hand-painted Thai art for sale within a time frame at good quality. We have created a plethora of paintings to many hotels, real estate development projects, interior design companies, spas, restaurants, etc.

How We Work

Unlike other art factories, each and every single one of our Thai art and Asian paintings is 100% hand-painted on canvas. Our expert artists start the work from a sketch, then fill in with textures, details, and colors. With delicate details, our work process results in a spectacular true work of art, the special piece that is MEANINGFUL.

Our Commercial Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

We are an art-making expert who ensures a premium gallery quality of the artworks. Our unique specialty is the ornamentation of gold leaf on artworks, which is inherited since the 13th century. We cater to most custom-made Thai art and Asian paintings with various sizes, designs, colors, and medium. Delivering an exceptional customer experience is the top priority of our business. Hence, we has been a trustworthy, reliable, and professional art gallery in both domestically and internationally.

Yes, you can simply send an email to us about your requested art design and size. We make it possible to allow you to be part of the art development, engage and personalize your own piece of art. Because, we love to create something special to fit your need and make it come true.

Order can be placed directly in our Online store, or through WhatsApp / LINE (by adding number +66-99-121-8988) or Email at info@royalthaiart.com

Congratulations to domestic buyers, you can buy Thai art for sale with FREE express shipping in Thailand. We ship artworks to any city over the country. Yet, for international buyers, buyers are responsible for the shipping cost and the price of the Shipping Fee will be calculated based on your destination, weight and size of the artwork. When you place an order online, the shipping fee will appear on the list before checkout.

Processing time is depending on the type of items you purchase. For the Available items, we will process the shipment within 24 hours after received a verified payment. While the items on backorder, it requires 7-10 days to create the painting artwork before we can make the delivery.

Please noted that the orders are shipped and delivered only on business days.

For domestic shipping time, it takes 1-2 days of delivery.
For international shipping, World EMS option takes 3-5 days to deliver;

While normal shipping option takes 2 weeks or up to 4 weeks to arrive in your country.

Please keep in mind that post office and customs delays can occur, if so, please check the information at your local post office as well.

We hand package every item with great care. All artworks will be wrapped with bubble wrap and secured with packing tape. Then the item is placed inside a sturdy cardboard box and sealed with shipping label.

Unframed Painting
Ships in a tube
This item will arrive rolled in a dent-resistant tube. This method is especially safe for oversized works, and provides lower shipping costs as well.

Frame-Less Finished Painting Stretched On A Wooden Frame
Ships in a cardboard box
This item will be wrapped with bubble wrap in a sturdy and well-protected cardboard box. Expect your artwork to arrive with plenty of support packaged in to make its journey as safe as possible.

Yes, you can come to collect your artwork from us. We will indicate the date and time for you to pick up your items.

Royal Thai Art gallery’s address: 49 Khlongtien, Cha-am, Cha-am District, Phetchaburi 76120

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Royal Thai Art offers buyers with safe, secure, and confidential payment options. We accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal payment, and Wire transferring Option.

Note: For online payment with Debit or Credit Card, you will be guide to pay as a guest on PayPal website.

This depends on the custom officials in your country. When your order reach your destination country, it maybe or maybe not be subject to VAT or other custom fee. These additional charges are beyond our control; hence the buyer will be responsible to pay them. However, over 95% of our previous international customers have received the artworks without having to pay any additional custom fee.