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                Find a beautiful art for your beautiful home from Royal Thai Art’s original art for sale selection. There is a wide variety of categories to choose from Lotus painting, Buddha Art, Elephant artwork, Koi fish art, Dragon artwork, and more at affordable prices. Each painting is available in stock now and it is ready to be shipped the next day when purchased and “Ready to Hang” when arrive. Now is the best opportunity for you to own your favorite artwork for sale upto 50% off only while in stock!

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  • On Sale!
    asian bodhi tree art painting bodhi tree wall art bodhi tree painting bodhi tree symbol bodhi tree leaf bodhi tree leaf images asian art buy art online thai art painting

    Asian Bodhi Tree Art

    $400 $216
  • On Sale!
    thailand bodhi tree art thai art thailand oil paintings on canvas thailand painting traditional thailand art thailand artwork buy thai art thai paintings

    Thailand Bodhi Tree Art

    $293 $216
  • On Sale!
    thai bodhi tree painting bodhi leaf bodhi tree wall art bodhi tree symbol bodhi tree images buddhist art thai art thai painting tree art tree painting

    Thai Bodhi Tree Painting

    $263 $206
  • On Sale!
    golden dragon painting dragon painting dragon wall art chinese dragon painting japanese dragon painting dragon painting on canvas

    Golden Dragon Painting

    $293 $249
  • On Sale!
    dragon phoenix dragon painting dragon and phoenix dragon artwork chinese dragon painting dragon wall art chinese dragon and phoenix

    Asian Dragon and Phoenix Painting

    $183 $150
  • On Sale!
    earth element abstract art thai art design thailand wall art most popular painting in thailand thai pattern thai artist thailand art thai paintings on canvas thai artists paintings

    Earth Element Abstract Art

    $260 $133
  • On Sale!
    peacock painting peacock wall art peacock artwork peacock canvas painting peacock acrylic painting 2 piece canvas wall art gold leaf paint gold leaf wall art gold leaf artwork

    Peacock Painting – The Elegant Pair

    $283 $163
  • On Sale!
    acrylic abstract painting supannahong abstract painting abstract art traditional thai colorful abstract acrylic painting thai art thai painting thai artwork traditional thai painting

    Acrylic Abstract Painting Supannahong

    $283 $216
  • On Sale!
    buddha art buddha painting buddha wall art buddha artwork buddha wall decor buddhist painting buddha portrait tibetan buddhist art large buddha wall art

    Buddha Art On Heaven Painting

    $732 $499
  • On Sale!
    buddha wall painting buddha wall art buddha canvas painting buddha canvas wall art buddha paintings for living room gold buddha wall art thai art gold leaf art gold leaf artwork

    Buddha Wall Painting Art

    $350 $280
  • On Sale!
    abstract flower art thai gold leaf lotus painting on canvas

    Abstract Flower Art Thai Golden Lotus Flower

    $283 $163
  • On Sale!
    ganesha painting ganesh art ganesh wall art ganesha canvas painting ganesha wall painting ganesha artwork ganesh canvas wall art lord ganesha painting ganesha acrylic painting

    Ganesha Painting Elephant God and Bodhi Tree Wall Art

    $200 $150
  • On Sale!
    wooden buddha

    Wooden Buddha Face Wall Art

    $216 $133
  • On Sale!
    Gautama Buddha Painting

    Carved Wooden Wall Art Gautama Buddha Painting

    $216 $133
  • On Sale!
    buddha painting online

    Buddha Painting 3D Statue

    $316 $283
  • On Sale!

    Lotus Decor Ancient Thai Pattern With Lighted Candles

    $200 $133
  • On Sale!
    Asian Style Painting Set

    Handmade Asian Style Painting Set

    $216 $183