Abstract Canvas Painting Gold Bodhi Leaf Mandala

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Color: Gold, Orange
Category: Abstract, Multi Panel Art
Code: 035
Size: H 100cm. x W 100cm.x D 3.5 cm.
Weight: 5 kg
Materials: Acrylic, Quality Canvas, Gold Leaf, Solid Wood

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About the Abstract Canvas Painting Gold Bodhi Leaf Mandala:

Our expert Thai artist has created this abstract canvas painting from his inspiration of Buddhist Mandala. It is a sacred geometry to represent the cosmos and eternal harmony. In the center point, the artist has depicted the traditional Thai Number One to symbolize the Universe. As well, he painted the One symbol with a sacred Sam Kasat (translated as Three Kings) color. The color combination includes gold, silver, and copper.

As well as, the artist decorated the outer Mandala circle with the elegant Golden Bodhi leaf. The beautiful heart-shaped leaves of the Banyan Bodhi Tree. It is the sacred Buddhist tree. Which Prince Siddhartha Gautama had attained enlightenment under and become the Buddha. Likewise, the Bodhi leaf has been a representation of healthiness, longevity, and  peacefulness. Traditionally, the magical charming Bodhi leaf has become a glorious element in Buddhist art and spiritual Thai artwork.

This original abstract art is 100% handmade with high quality acrylic paint on premium canvas. Essentially, the painting is decorated with gold leaf on a lacquer background. Our specialty of ornamenting gold leaf on artwork is a very unique art technique, which inherited since the 13th century. Royal Thai Art is not just a painting, but it is much of the Thai cultural heritage. We offer elegant Asian art with reliable worldwide shipping. The best place to buy exclusive Southeast Asian art online.

Moreover, this beautiful abstract acrylic painting is completely ready to hang on the wall. During the shipping process, we carefully package each of our paintings with bubble wrap and in a sturdy corrugated box; because we want to ensure that your painting will arrive in perfect condition. Check out the rest of our Royal Thai Art gallery showcases to discover more of authentic Thailand arts and crafts online for your lovely home.



Weight 5000 g

One Piece, 3 Piece Set


Gold, Orange