Abstract Wall Art One Universe


Color: Red
Category: Abstract, Multi Panel Art
Code: 202
Size And Weight: Set of 3 pieces,
The Middle piece is H 118 ×W60 cm.
The Left and Right sides, each is H 118 ×W35 cm.
Altogether is H 118 ×W130 cm., 7kg
Materials: Acrylic, Gold leaf Sheets, Quality Canvas, Solid Wood Frame
Origin: Made in Thailand

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About the Abstract Wall Art One Universe:

In the center of this Abstract Wall Art, the Thai Number One symbolizes the Universe across the earth, ocean, and sky. Our professional painter from Royal Thai Art is presenting a contemporary acrylic painting with traditional Thai elements. He also depicts Buddhist Yantra symbols in the artwork.

Yantra symbolizes a divine power of higher holy ritual energy which is based on the ancient astrology and the Buddhist Pali text. The meaning of these sacred symbols includes wealth, prosperity, honor, and blessings. In many Buddhist countries from Southeast Asia, people like to place an aesthetic Yantra inside of their home. They worship Yantra to develop spiritual power and help with meditation. It has been a great support system that aids people to fulfill an individual’s desires and well-being.

The two side art pieces complement very well with the central high light work. Both pieces are the presentation of ancient Thai pattern. Traditional elements and detailed components make this majestic art a very distinctive style. If you are looking for an authentic Asian painting, Royal Thai Art is the right place for you.

This Abstract Wall Art on canvas is 100% handmade with high-quality acrylic paint, on premium quality canvas with a wooden frame. This original artwork is amazingly decorated with gold leaf on a lacquer background. Our specialty of ornamenting gold leaf touch is a very unique art technique since the 13th century.

Moreover, this Abstract Wall Art is completely ready to hang on the wall. During the shipping process, we carefully package each of our paintings in bubble wrap and in a sturdy corrugated box; Because we want to ensure that your painting will arrive in perfect condition. Check out the rest of our Royal Thai Art gallery to discover more of Thailand’s traditional arts and crafts.

Weight26000 g