Acrylic Abstract Painting Supannahong


Color: Red
Category: Abstract, Animals, Multi Panel Art
Code: 163
Size: Set of 3 pieces,
The Middle piece is H 118 × W 60 cm.
The Left and Right sides, each is H 118 × W35 cm.
Altogether is H 118 × W 130 cm.
Origin: Made in Thailand
Packaging: Ships in a Box

Ready to Hang on Wall When Arrive
100% hand-painted by Artist

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Acrylic painting stretched on a wooden frame. You can hang up the painting directly at your wall with the installed wire on the back.

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About the Acrylic Abstract Painting Supannahong

Acrylic abstract painting Supannahong, translated as the “Golden Swan” or the “Golden Phoenix”, is a mystical swan-like creature that is on the principle vessels of Thailand’s Royal Barge Procession. During the past Sukhothai period, the barges used as battleships. After the war ended, the Majesty Kings preserved them for ceremonial events. In some Royal events, the barges appear in the Royal Kathin ceremony to house the King and his royal family for a river journey (the Buddhist festival that people bring new robes for monks). The barges have been existing for more than 700 years.

The original Supannahong barge is the highest rank in the Royal Barge Procession. Because it is only the King who can use it. In 1992, The World Ship Trust has presented it with the “Maritime Heritage Award”. As such, Thai Supannahong is an expression of beauty and historical significance. This Acrylic Abstract Painting is the most significant ancient Thai art that shows important cultural Thai heritage.

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Weight25000 g
Dimensions70 × 120 cm