Dragon Art Ecstatic Ying Yang


Color: Green
Category: Animals
Code: 211
Size: H 190 cm. x W 90 cm. x D 3.5 cm.
Weight: 5 kg
Materials: Acrylic, Gold leaf Sheets, Quality Canvas, Solid Wood Frame

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About this Dragon Art Ecstatic Ying Yang 

In the center point of the dragon art, our talented artist depicted a black and white Yin – Yang symbol, surrounded by two golden flying dragons. Traditionally, Yin – Yang is the universal existence of opposition, yet interconnected forces. For example, when it is good, there is always bad; man and woman, day and night, etc. This ancient theory teaches us that nothing can exist without another.

Nonetheless, the incredible highlight of this painting is the Flying Dragons. Traditionally, Dragons are powerful and magical creatures in Asia cultures. Especially the golden dragon, it has long been a symbol of power, abundance, and wealth. As well, the artist has painted the dragons in a pair as a representation of ultimate love and blissful marriage. According to the Feng Shui rule, having a picture of dragons in your home is an excellent home wall decor item with auspicious energy.

This Chinese dragon art is 100% handmade with high-quality acrylic paint on premium canvas. Essentially, the painting is decorated with gold leaf on a lacquer background. Our specialty of ornamenting gold leaf on artwork is a very unique art technique, which inherited since the 13th century. Royal Thai Art is not just a painting, but it is much of the Thai cultural heritage. We offer elegant Asian art with reliable worldwide shipping. The best place to buy exclusive Southeast Asian art online.

Moreover, this traditional dragon art painting is completely ready to hang on the wall. During the shipping process, we carefully package each of our paintings with bubble wrap and in a sturdy corrugated box; because we want to ensure that your painting will arrive in perfect condition. Check out the rest of our Royal Thai Art gallery showcases to discover more authentic Thailand arts and crafts online for your lovely home.

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Weight5000 g
Dimensions100 × 100 cm