Gautama Buddha and Phaya Naga Painting


Category: Buddha
Code: 292
Size: H 78 cm. x W 120 cm.  x D 3.5 cm.
Weight: 8 kg
Materials: Acrylic, Canvas, Wooden Frame
Origin: Made in Thailand

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About this Gautama Buddha and Phaya Naga Painting

The talented Thai artist from the gallery has great inspiration from the incredible Gautama Buddha story. He is one of the greatest religious figures and a charismatic leader of Buddhism. This Buddhist inspired art is a portrayal of a phenomenal event between the Lord Gautama Buddha and Nantopanata. Once in the past, the Buddha and his 500 follower monks had traveled to preach the teaching to villages people. Yet, the path was in the wilderness with the dangerous rivers, forests, and animals.

To get to the destination safely, the Gautama Buddha and the following monks used meditative insights and miracle psychic power to fly over the land. However, Nantopanata who is the main lord of Nagas, mythical serpent-dragons, was very furious that the Buddhist monks flew over his palace. The act is a metaphor for passing over his head which he perceived as disrespect to his dignity and honor. Hence, Nantopanata created an obstacle to those monks so they could not fly over. Then, a monk named Maudgalyayana volunteered to flight with Nantopanata. He transformed himself to be a powerful Phaya Naga and won with the victory.

This Gautama Buddha painting is 100% handmade with high-quality acrylic paint on premium canvas. Essentially, Royal Thai Art is not just a painting, but it is much of the Thai cultural heritage. We offer elegant Asian art with reliable worldwide shipping. The best place to buy exclusive Southeast Asian art online. Moreover, this Buddha painting on canvas is completely ready to hang on the wall. For shipping, we carefully package the painting with bubble wrap and in a sturdy corrugated box; because we want to ensure that your painting will arrive in perfect condition. Check out the rest of our Royal Thai Art gallery showcases to discover more of authentic Thailand arts and crafts online for your lovely home.

Weight6000 g
Dimensions120 × 100 cm