Yin Yang Painting Abstract Art


Color: Blue
Category: Abstract
Code: 288
Size: H 55 cm. x W 55 cm. x D 3.5 cm
Materials: Acrylic, Gold leaf, Quality Canvas, Solid Wood Frame
Origin: Made in Thailand
Packaging: Ships in a Box

Ready to Hang on Wall When Arrive
100% hand-painted by Artist

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Acrylic painting stretched on a wooden frame. You can hang up the painting directly at your wall with the installed wire on the back.

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About this Yin Yang Painting Abstract Art 

Our talented artist from Royal Thai Art gallery has created a stunning classic Yin Yang painting. It is one of the oldest theories of the ancient oriental school of thought. On the center point of the painting, the artist has depicted a harmonious balance of Yin and Yang forces. His work of art represents the duality and interconnection of all things in the universe. One cannot live without another. As one will support and define another and vice versa.

In addition, the artist also painted the gold and silver Bodhi leaves surrounding the Yin Yang mandala. It is one of the most sacred trees in Buddhism and generally known as a banyan tree. According to the Buddhist culture, the Bodhi tree has a powerful spiritual meaning. Because, it is a special tree, in which Prince Siddhartha Gautama had attained enlightenment under and become the Buddha. Hence, the Bodhi leaf has become a symbol of wisdom, enlightenment, and ultimate freedom.

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Moreover, this Yin Yang Painting is completely ready to hang on the wall. During the shipping process, we carefully package each of our paintings with bubble wrap and in a sturdy corrugated box; because we want to ensure that your painting will arrive in perfect condition. Check out the rest of our Royal Thai Art gallery showcases to discover more of authentic Thailand arts and crafts online for your lovely home.

Weight7000 g
Dimensions55 × 55 cm